PPNS Language Center

Language Center is a supporting unit in PPNS (Institutional Support System) which carries the vision of becoming Center of Language Learning & Development. Language center provides training services, research and development of languages which are supported by sophisticated media of language learning in the form of language laboratory and Self Access Center (SAC).

Language Center plays an important role in supporting academic activities especially the optimization of language learning in PPNS, by providing and managing all learning resources and facilities in the form of computer-based language laboratory and Self Access Center.

Among the programs offered by Language Center are Free TOEIC Test for students of fourth semester (D3) and sixth semester  (D4) and TOEIC Preparation Course for final year students as preparation for graduation requirements. Language Center also provides both test and courses of TOEIC and TOEFL as a parameter for English competence of PPNS staff and students as well as the public.

By cooperating with ITC, Language Center PPNS has now officially become a Certified Test Administration Site (CTAS) of the ETS and the certificate is recognized internationally.